Become Pioneers of the Future!

Facing an incessant digitization of our society and evolution of customer behaviors, adapting and re-inventing how you do business and interact with customers becomes imperative.

By synergizing emerging technologies with innovative applications, that bring retail into the next era, we can help you become a pioneer of the future!

Our bottom-up approach will suit varying degrees of automation,
letting you upgrade your business incrementally.

NSW Series

Next-generation collaborative robot for retail stores. Designed to assist its human counterparts and operate autonomously around the clock.

Smart Retail Solutions

Enhance stores with innovative solutions ranging from autonomous shopping and checkout, to real-time sales analytics and tailored customer experience.

Cloud Robotics

Power robots and services with on-demand resources. Build more accurate models, access state-of-the-art algorithms and exploit data from around the world.

Modernize your Retail Stores

Robots are coming to retail! With our NSW collaborative robot series, you will be able to delegate an important piece of your inventory management. Capable of autonomously restocking shelves and preparing orders, your employees will have more time for providing support and guidance to customers, increasing their satisfaction and retention. And, their capacity for continuous operations will allow you to revitalize your e-commerce strategy and compete more effectively against pure players.

Night Shift Worker - Collaborative Robot Concept V1-3

Notwithstanding the perks of your new robotic workforce, our cutting-edge smart retail solutions will work in synergy to modernize the shopping experience your stores provide to customers. Be it through autonomous checkout, tailored promotions or personalized interactions. Management-wise, these cutting-edge technologies will improve how you do business, enabling you to optimize inventory rotation, leverage real-time sales analytics and open up to new business opportunities.

Optimize Workforce

Strip away tedious tasks from employees responsibilities to boost their motivation and let them concentrate on the essential, customers.

Operate 24/7

Assimilate the Non-Stop facet of e-commerce and embrace the changing customer behaviours to open up new sales opportunities.

Better Customer Experience

With employee priorities re-aligned and new smart tailored services, focus can be put back on customers to improve their in-store experience.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Mix Cloud, On-Site and On-Board resources to optimize efficiency and adapt to your operational needs.

Become A Co-Founder!

Ambitious projects need ambitious people and cannot be undertaken alone.
Sotauro Robotics is no exception, as such, we are looking for like-minded co-founders to join our ranks!

Are you a technological avant-gardist with an affinity for robotics, artificial intelligence or IoT?
Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and wish to participate in the modernization of retail and, ultimately, society?
If so, join Sotauro Robotics to become a full-fledged co-founder, own equity and have a meaningful stake in this endeavor.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Are you a creative person with a talent for design and love technology?
Interested in becoming our lead digital content creator and marketing expert?
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Chief Technology Officer

Are you a mechanical or electronics engineer passionate about robotics?
Interested in becoming our lead CAD designer and mechatronics engineer?
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